MaleGenix FAQ

MaleGenix is the supreme male enhancement supplement, which is made from 100% natural ingredients which are both extremely potent and safe for use. MaleGenix's specifically designed, clinically tested formulation maximizes the body's efficiency in synthesizing these ingredients-increasing their availability for immediate use. Here is some other relevant information you may like to know about MaleGenix, and the frequently asked questions about the product.

How Does MaleGenix Work?

MaleGenix works in two major ways-first it provides the user with an immediate improvement in libido, sexual stamina, as well as bigger and harder erections. The fast-acting ability of MaleGenix's B.A.S.E. formula allows the user to benefit from these immediate improvements, while additionally providing the user with permanent penis growth as time progresses.

What Results Should I Expect With MaleGenix?

You should expect an overall improvement in your sexual performance specific to the areas of improved sex drive, greater levels of energy, better control over orgasms and of course a bigger penis. The user can expect to see immediate results in just 30-60 minutes of taking MaleGenix in the areas of improved energy, stamina and erection size. The user will also experience the long term benefits of permanent penis growth which should start somewhere around the 3-4 weeks after starting MaleGenix.

How Long Before I See Results With MaleGenix?

The results are going to vary from user to user, sometimes dramatically so. Users should experience immediate improvements in having higher levels of energy, improved libido and the ability to last longer just 30-60 minutes after taking MaleGenix.

Users should give MaleGenix at least a period of a month to three months in order for them to experience the maximum penis growing effects. The penis growing process is an extremely complicated one, and one that requires more of a time investment than the other processes.

How Should I Take MaleGenix?

Depending on your goals, the best way to take MaleGenix is going to vary. If you are someone who is looking to benefit from the long term effects of MaleGenix then taking it once daily is enough to maximize your penis growing potential. On the other hand if you are using it to aid your ability in achieving erections, it is recommended that you consume an additional capsule approximately an hour prior to sex.

Is MaleGenix a Scam?

Counterfeit MaleGenix products are certainly a scam, but the official MaleGenix product itself is an extremely effective one which has been clinically tested to be the most effective male enhancer on the market. Make sure you are only buying MaleGenix from their official site to protect yourself from potentially buying a fake product.

How Can You Identify Fake MaleGenix Products?

The only sure fire way to know with 100% certainty that you are getting an authentic product is to buy MaleGenix directly from the suppliers themselves, from their official website. If you decide to buy from another vendor you are taking a huge risk in potentially buying a product which won't work and could be harmful to your health.

What About My Privacy?

Maintaining the privacy of MaleGenix's customers is of the utmost importance to them, and thus they have taken all the necessary steps need to ensure that the entire process from when you place the order until it arrives is done in a discrete manner. You are going to be the only one who is going to know what's coming to your door and no one else.

Does MaleGenix Offer a Guarantee?

The makers of MaleGenix have so much confidence in their product that they back it with an industry best 90 day money-back guarantee. MaleGenix's customers can take solace in the fact that they are not out of their money if they decide that the product isn't for them. MaleGenix is an effective, affordable, no risk-option for all male enhancement users out there.

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